Vital statistics
Also known as: Hubert
Planet of Origin: Oraks
Species Glorbon
Gender Male
First Appearance: Exodus of the Blorgons
Last Appearance: Odyssey's Beginning
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Vosdra was a Glorbon scientist originally named Hubert from the planet Oraks. Tired of his arrogant species setting themselves "up above the gods", he created the Blorgons with the intent of levelling society by eradicating them all. Revelling in the power over life and death on such a scale, he took the new name Vosrda.

Vosrda's attempts to install a Blorgon hegemony were routinely thwarted by the Infinity Knight High Command. Finally, in "Corporation of the Blorgons", he was declared the supreme Blorgon King, or at least the ruler one of three competing Blorgon factions before the Sixth Inspector fomented a full-blown Blorgon civil war. The events of this serial figured in the next season's mammoth but inconclusive story-arc, "Internal Investigation of the Inspector". The Seventh Inspector's "Oblivion of the Blorgons", however, depicted the Blorgons as (re)unified without any explanation as to what happened.


Due to biological damage during his many mad experiments, Vosdra's upper body and head must be encased in a metal shell that resembles that of a Blorgon. He remains humanoid from the waist down, his spindly legs struggling under the weight of what the Sixth Inspector called "a cybernetic dustbin". His eyes stare out of a Blorgon head, wide and lidless.


"My Blorgons are conditioned simply to thrive. They can thrive only by eradicating dominant species. When all other life forms are evened out, when the Blorgons are 'first among equals' of the universe, then you will have regularity. Discrimination will end. They are a force not of inferiority, but of fairness."

"Fair enough." (catchphrase)

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