Several lost serials have been found. Here's the scoop.

Journey to Déjà Vu had it's missing parts recovered from 16mm broadcast prints found in the basement of a Pastafarian church near the site of BTV's old tape depository in Wapping. All of the parts of The Lost Asteroid were recovered from 16mm broadcast prints discovered being used as tape measures for the track and field program at a elementary school in Royal Woods, Michigan, United States. Solar System 16's missing parts were recovered from 16mm prints found being used as coasters at a Christian metal nightclub called "The Holy Church of Rock 'n Roll" in Pontypandy, Wales. The Opium Dealers' missing parts were recovered from E180 videotapes found at a car boot sale in Toronto, Ontario, Canada (the tapes had "Destroy at once" written on them in permanent marker).

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