The Blorgonator was a device created by Blorgon Min and Blorgon Siing. The machine was capable of creating an army of Blorgons out of one through cloning.

Unfortunately, a defect in the Blorgonator meant that the original Blorgon that was cloned would be killed via matter redistribution, a fate that befell Blorgons Jirst and Kofhay. The machine was indirectly responsible for the destruction of the New Blorgon Collective, as it was eventually used to create a new race of "Classic" Blorgons.

When creating Blorgons, the Blorgonator would create miniature Blorgons that would become full sized within five minutes. Siing claimed that this was the result of the same defect that killed the Blorgon used to create them, and that it took five minutes for their artificially created matter to actualise in reality.

The current whereabouts of the Blorgonator are unknown, however it was implied that the New Blorgon Collective destroyed it before their demise in "Breakdown of The Blorgons"

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