Terra Omega
Type: Planet
Location: Large Magellanic Cloud
Native Species: Humans
First Appearance/Mention: The Melancholy Mafia
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Terra Omega was a planet that was the last in a series of terraforming projects to provide human colonies for the expanding Terran Federation. The Inspector visited it on two separate occasions.

In the serial "The Melancholy Mafia", the Seventh Inspector investigates drug-dealing by the Pearly King and his Button Men, with the assistance of Bertie Bassett (one of the more blatant cases of product placement arranged by the BTV producers).

When the Tenth Inspector returns, in the serial "The Previous Inspector", he is arrested by the officious Chief Inspector and his sidekick the Detective. Since they do not believe he could be the planet-famous Inspector from their records, they bring him up on charges of impersonating a police officer, and it falls to the faithful Constable Reggie to find a way to exonerate him.

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