Sam Clemens
Vital statistics
Also known as: Mark Twain
Planet of Origin: Earth
Original era: 19th Century
Species Human
Gender Male
Appears In: The Legend Locators
Portrayed By: Hal Holbrook
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Sam Clemens (pen name "Mark Twain") was an American writer and humourist, as well as a friend of the inventor Nikolai Tesla. He was played by American actor Hal Holbrook in Season 3.

"The Legend Locators"Edit

When Tesla's time-travel experiment goes haywire and temporally maroons Sam sometime in the Dark Ages, the First Inspector and his associates are called on to find and rescue him. After the Inspector tracks him down to fifth-century Britain, they must save him from the brutal warlord Rigotamos, who has imprisoned him in his castle stronghold. Forcibly installed there as "court magician", he is in the process of modernizing Rigotamos's army with firearms and artillery when the Inspector reaches him. With the help of the local noblewoman Lady Layla of Dumnonia, they free Sam by disguising him as a jester and destroy his inventions before the warlord can use them.

In the conclusion, Sam announces that their adventure has provided him with the inspiration for his new novel, A Kensington Copper in King Arthur's Court. The departing Inspector suggests that it might need a little more work.


  • A new producer on the programme initially suggested titles for the serial that were all puns, e.g. "Never the Twain Shall Meet", "Twain Wreck", "Magician in Twaining", "The Knight Twain", but BTV executives overruled these as "too silly".

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