Orange Pip
title card
Format: Children's magazine, entertainment
Created by: BTV
Country of Origin: UK
Starring: Phil Tufnell, Sheree Murphy, Kerry Katona (current presenters)
Original channel: BTV
Original language(s): English
No. of episodes: 5,698 (as of 13 December 2013)
Original run: 17 October 1957–present
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Orange Pip is BTV's long-running "original programming" children's informational show.  It is well known for its strict rule of never involving animals in the program, following an unfortunate early incident with a gibbon. Its theme song is an aviation-related tune, and a popular version was recorded by Terry Oldfield. It frequently hosts guest appearances by members of Inspector Spacetime's cast and ran the official "I've Created a Monster" fan competition before that was taken over by Inspector Spacetime Monthly.


  • Referred to internally as "OP" during its pre-development, it gets its name from the RAF phonetic alphabet.

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