Newer South Wales
Newer South Wales
Type: Planet
Location: Milky Way
Native Species: Humans
First Appearance/Mention: Mathsville
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Newer South Wales was a 25th century Earth-colony, founded on a mixture of the cultures of frontier Texas and the Australian Outback. In the serial "Mathsville", it is proved to be the unsuspecting home to one of the gateways to the titular location, as well as coincidentally being the target of a Circuit-Chaps biological-collection scouting expedition.


  • The planet was created by BTV producers in order to introduce the Fifth Inspector Associate Veneziana, who in turn was an attempt to broaden the appeal of the show to both the American and Australian television markets.
  • The depiction of the Mathsville gateway used stock footage of the Uluru / Ayers Rock rock formation in Australia.

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