Vital statistics
Planet of Origin: Venus
Original era: 15th Century
Species Sulphur Soldier
Gender Male
Appears In: The Ziggurats of Venus
Portrayed By: John Rhys-Davies
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Nergal was an immensely powerful Venusian whom the Sulphur Soldiers worshipped as a god of war in their pantheon. He was played by Welsh actor John Rhys-Davies in Season 13.

"The Ziggurats of Venus"Edit

When the Infinity Knight High Command sends the Fourth Inspector to Venus' past in order to investigate Sulphur Soldiers' possible weaknesses, he discovers a pious, pacifist species who are governed by a near-divine pantheon of ancient entities. Unaware of intelligent life elsewhere in the universe, they are deeply perturbed by the Inspector's presence. Determined to remove the potential outside threat, the belligerent Nergal conspires against his superior, the wise Shamash, fomenting a civil war among the Venusians. Despite the Inspector's efforts—in one of the series's rare tragic endings—Nergal and his supporters destroy the rest of the pantheon's temples and begin laying the foundations of their familiar warrior culture.


"I am Nergal the Burner, Nergal the Raging King, Nergal the Furious One! COWER BEFORE THE DESTROYING FLAME OF NERGAL!"

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