Kraken V
Type: Planet
Location: Milky Way
Native Species: Krakenites
First Appearance/Mention: Oddly Out Of Place
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Kraken V was a mysterious and forbidding planet ruled (or at least overseen) by an entity known as "the Giver". Directly contradictory claims made in the series held that this was either an office and title to which various Krakenites ascended, or that the same individual periodically took on a new form, in much the same manner as an Infinity Knight regeneration. There were also hints of some shared history between Kraken and Kayaclasch, though when asked if the Giver was an Infinity Knight, the Inspector's firm reply was "Absolutely not!"

In any event, in the serial "Oddly Out Of Place", the Giver was powerful enough to divert the Fourth Inspector's BOOTH to Kraken, where, along with a clue as to the location of Mathsville, the Inspector was Given a new Associate, Nymeria.

Nymeria and other Krakenites were very insistent they are not human, but apart from a strong tendency towards manifesting psychic powers, they appeared to be identical to the latter species.


  • A popular fan-theory combines the two claims listed above, saying that the Giver is one entity which periodically absorbs new candidates, adding their knowledge and ability while taking on their appearance and (some of) their mannerisms.

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