Vital statistics
Planet of Origin: Earth
Original era: 21st Century
Species Human
Gender Male
Appears In: A Village Called Sympathy
Portrayed By: Don "The Demon" Donaldson
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Kickpuncher—the titular hero of his own science-fiction movie franchise—is a cybernetically enhanced police officer whose punches now have the power of kicks. He is played by actor Derek Mears (under his stage name Don "The Demon" Donaldson) in Series 7.

"A Village Called Sympathy"Edit

In the post-nuclear apocalypse frontier of 21st century Earth, the cyborg law enforcer known as Kickpuncher pursues the Mega Dope-smuggling syndicate to the Mexican border, where he teams up with the Eleventh Inspector in an uneasy partnership. Together, they discover that the "drug mules" crossing into the US are in fact cows surgically altered by the villainous rustler Cowpuncher. After they defeat him and gang, Kickpuncher asks the Inspector to stop addressing him as "Kickpuncher" and call him by his real name, David, and the Inspector makes him an honorary constable.


  • The crossover episode chronologically takes place between the movies Kickpuncher and Kickpuncher 2: Codename Punchkicker.

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