John Harris
Vital statistics
Planet of Origin: Earth
Original era: 20th Century
Species Human
Gender Male
Appears In: Humans of Westminster / The Tenth Crusade, The Xmas Rebellion, Return to Earth
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John Harris was a human being who served as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from 2004 to 2005. He met the Ninth and the Tenth Inspector and stayed loyal to him until the end.

He first met the Inspector during the Slythin invasion. The Inspector saved him from the monsters and John felt he owed him a debt. John soon learned that the Inspector was an alien and became very interested by him and decided to help him fight the Slythins. When the Slythins eventually exploded, the Inspector designated John as the true hero before the journalists and hinted he might be a good prime minister.

John was elected and one of his first actions was to develop a space program to explore the limits of the Solar System, wanting to "get closer to he Inspector". But the probe "Arthur Three" was intercepted by aliens who, aware of intelligent life on Earth, came to contact the humans. At the same time, on Chrismas Eve, the newly metamorphosed Tenth Inspector landed on Earth, and Harris asked Exo-Pol to bring him to the meeting. The meeting, which was shown to the whole planet proved to be a big success for Harris. Unfortunately, following some misunderstandings, the tenth Inspector blew up one of the aliens spaceship, which caused the others to attack London. Harris was blamed for the incident and resigned after two days, but as he said, he didn't blame the Inspector and looked forward to meeting him again.

Some years later, the Blorgons inverted the magnetism of the planet and captured the Inspector's former associates. John reacted to the invasion and used his knowledge to gather what he called "The Students of Spacetime" to contact the Inspector. The Blorgons located him and killed him before he had the chance to see his hero again. The announce of his death greatly upset the Tenth Inspector who described him as "one of the most courageous".

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