Vital statistics
Planet of Origin: Earth
Original era: 3rd Century BC
Species Human
Gender Male
Appears In: The Carthaginians
Portrayed By: Victor Mature
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Hannibal was a general in the Punic Wars, who appeared in the First Inspector serial "The Carthaginians". He was played by Victor Mature in Season 2.

"The Carthaginians"Edit

During Hannibal's invasion of the Italian penninsula in 218 BC, beginning with crossing the Alps with his troops and concluding with his decisive victory against the Roman Republic's army at the Battle of Cannae, the First Inspector and his associates tag along. Since that incarnation of the Inspector was particularly averse to changing history, however, the serial consists mostly of his providing extensive commentary on such topics as Hannibal's military strategies during the Second Punic War and his meticulously examining the veracity of later accounts, e.g. the general's use of fire and vinegar to dissolve a rockslide blocking an Alpine pass, as reported by Livy.


  • In another of their cost-saving measures, BTV licensed stock shots of the Carthaginian army, war elephants, and the battle scenes from the multi-million–dollar flop Annibale, including a few outtakes from Mature in the title role.
  • Despite this serial being one of the driest in the programme's long run, it somehow escaped erasure when BTV was reusing their old video tapes, even as more entertaining ones such as "The Legend Locators" and "The Saint Valentine's Day Massacre" were lost. Fans still lament, ""The Carthaginians" should have been destroyed."

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