Fan Art
IS-Blorgon Fan by Joseph-arrowoftime

An example of fan-created artwork

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Fan art refers to derivative artworks created in a variety of media by Inspectrum fans to express their affection for their favourite television series. In addition to paintings and drawings (free hand or electronic), fan artists also create comics, photo collages, posters, and artistic representations of catch phrases or quotes from the programme.

Technically, they are not licensed, commissioned, or endorsed by BTV, Inspector Spacetime-creator Anthony Bonham Pease, or anyone formally associated with the programme. Under British law, only the copyright owner has the right to authorise adaptations and reproductions of their work, which includes the creation of derivative works, and pleas of fair use, fair dealing, parody, or de minimis are considered by judges should a trademark/copyright infringement case go to court[1]. BTV, however, has unofficially condoned fan art, and the showings on InSpecTiCon's "Artists' Avenue" are always a big draw at the convention.

Fan Art Gallery


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