Exploding Rock
Exploding rock
Planet of Origin: Explodia IV
Biological Type: Silicon
First Appearance: Brouhaha on Beeb
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The Exploding Rock was a re-occuring "villain" during the era of the Sixth Inspector. It was an immobile silicon lifeform made of pure Explodium that would crop up at various unexpected moments and then involuntarily and violently explode, despite the Inspector's best efforts to prevent this. How the (evidently) same rock could repeatedly explode was never clearly explained, though there was an indication that it was somehow tied to the Inspector's (unfilmed) visit to the Rock's since-exploded homeworld of Explodia IV. In its final appearance in the episode "Mindscrew", the Rock instead imploded, though since much of that episode "didn't happen", it is unclear whether it actually happened.

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