Encyclopaedia Cosmosica
Type: Book
User(s): The Inspector
First Appearance/Mention: Vanguard of the Void
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The Encyclopaedia Cosmosica is a reference work of near-limitless information that the Inspector occasionally would consult. The Third Inspector in particular would refer to it to save time and trouble (as well as mental effort). Its remarkably comprehensive records on planets, spaceships, cities, robots, etc. etc. served to provide the Inspector with exposition and occasionally to help foil his antagonists' schemes. Its sheer authoritativeness has sometimes beggared belief, such as in the serial "Blood and Servos", when the Fourth Inspector quoted from its impressive entry for lead to rout his robotic nemeses.

The producers of the new series decided that it had become too much of a deus ex libris, and it has not appeared in Inspector Spacetime since the relaunch.


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