Count Morbus
Vital statistics
Planet of Origin: Earth
Original era: 17th Century
Species Vampire
Gender Male
Appears In: Terror at Tooth Point, Vampires From Space!
Portrayed By: Vladek Sheybal
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Count Vladek Morbus is a vampire who appeared in two episodes with the Fourth Inspector. He has the standard strengths and weaknesses of "movie vampires", with the (FX budget enforced) exception that he is able to transform into a large black dog instead of a bat. He was played by the Polish actor Vladek Sheybal.

History Edit

Morbus became a vampire on 17th century Earth, and encountered the the Fourth Inspector and his Associate Reena in the serial "Terror at Tooth Point" when he attempted to turn the small seaside village of Tooth Point into his new vampire colony. Following a final climactic battle atop his castle headquarters, Morbus dove off the battlements and disappeared.

Despite this injection of outright fantasy into the Inspector Spacetime series, with its abundance of black humour and Hammer horror homages, the story proved to be extremely popular, and Morbus returned in the serial "Vampires From Space!", in which he and the Inspector are forced into a grudging alliance to thwart a 20th century invasion of Earth by the eponymous entities, of whom Morbus was explicitly not a member. At the end of the episode, Morbus departs Earth in the Space Vampires' captured ship, taking the battle back to the creatures' home-world.

Trivia Edit

  • As might be guessed, the character's first name was taken from his portrayer's. To quote one of the producers: "Why mess with perfection?"

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