Constant Grandmother
Vital statistics
Planet of Origin: Courtos XII
Original era: 41st Century
Species Courtian
Gender Female
First Appearance: Daily Nights
Last Appearance: Symphony Under the Cyclone
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Constant Grandmother was the name given to the leader of the Consistency Clan, her real name was "Petunia Willynga". She was the Queen of Courtos XII before her kingdom was erased from history as a side effect of another time travel by the Eighth Inspector. Strangely, even though her timeline was gone, she appeared in the revised universe. She found a completely different planet where she didn't exist and who was ruled by a king. The Inspector met her and explained she wasn't supposed to be alive and that she was a temporal mistake. Grandmother shocked by that revelation, grew an hatred against the Inspector and against Time Travel, which, according to her, caused "cosmic genocide". She escaped the Inspector and formed an army around the Universe trying to restore causality.

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