Blorgon Battlehub
Type: Spaceship
Inventor(s): Blorgons
User(s): Blorgons
First Appearance/Mention: The Blorgons' Cunning Scheme
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The overall inferiority of the Blorgons extends to their vessels. This includes the large, cylindrical, bin-like Battlehub. It is capable of travelling through time, or through space—but never both. The design, barely up to each task separately, is definitely not up to doing both at the same time.

Early Battlehub designs were immense, capable of carrying every Blorgon in existence inside. The inevitable crash landings wiped out too many Blorgons, and the survivability of the race was measured by how many Blorgons stayed home. Later Battlehubs were designed to carry a maximum of eight Blorgons, in order to reduce the number that would be lost in the always-inevitable mission failure. (One of the more spectacular examples being the one that gets eaten/obliterated by the Infinite Cyclorama in that artifact's second appearance.)

At the end of "Bedlam of the Blorgons", when the Eleventh Inspector returned, the enraged Blorgons argue about whether board a Battlehub and flee from the BOOTH through space or through time. The wording of their argument is contrived so it is heard as "Elude the Inspector! Space? Time? Space? Time?", in one of the instances in which programme's title appears in the actual dialogue.

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