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BTV-WC is an American television network that is owned and operated by BTV and is available on both cable and satellite.  The name is an acronym for "British TeleVision-Western Continents"—nicknamed "Wayward Colonies" by the UK office, which reflected its disdainful attitude toward the channel's American audience. Polling data indicates that the majority of the audience, made up mostly of rabid American anglophiles and UK expatriates, share this opinion than are offended by it.


To meet the growing demand for Inspector Spacetime reruns and old period dramas (in the pre-Cougarton Abbey era), the channel launched on March 28, 1997, broadcasting comedy, drama, and lifestyle programmes from BTV and independent British television broadcasters such as ITV.


In the aftermath of the expensive and ultimately unsuccessful co-production of the 1999 Inspector Spacetime made-for-TV movie, BTV-WC management made a conscious decision to whet the audience's appetite for British television, but not completely satisfy it. As a result, some popular contemporary British television programmes (including Fifth Gear, Narrowminster, and WestEnders) are broadcast irregularly, sometimes rarely, or only at odd hours. Many hours per day are instead given to cheaply licensed American fare such as Galaxy Quest reruns and sci-fi films like the Kickpuncher franchise, leading to the industry joke that the "B" in the channel's name stands for "B-movie".

Nonetheless, this is the best way for American viewers to view Inspector Spacetime, which has been the flagship show of BTV-WC since its revival. The telecast announcing the Twelfth Inspector in 2012 was aired only four days after the live event, raising the hopes of BTV-WC viewers for more timely airing of programmes in the future.


  • While the channel is reluctant to embrace digital downloads, it does offer a few select programmes on Microsoft's Zune Marketplace.
  • Kickpuncher movies proved to be popular enough on the channel that BTV producers decided to arrange a crossover between the character and the Eleventh Inspector in Series 7.

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