Type: Planet
Location: Milky Way
Native Species: Humans
First Appearance/Mention: The Hills of Androgyny
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Androgyny was a paradisaical planet, originally a 30th-century Earth colony, which was threatened with environmental destruction in the Fifth Inspector serial "The Hills of Androgyny". The Inspector was able to prevent this catastrophe, but she fell into a Poisonous Palingenesis Pit and was forced to metamorphose into her next incarnation. The Inspector's Associate Thorough Visor chose to remain here following the Inspector's metamorphosis.


  • The first reaction of any visitor upon meeting any of the planet's inhabitants was how spectacularly misnamed the planet proved to be.
  • The planet's hills are dotted with Poisonous Palingenesis Pits. If a human enters a Pit without protection, they become infected by a deadly disease called Palingenesis Cancer.

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